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My new course this Spring 2013 at University of San Francisco!

Who Cares?

Who Cares?

This is a story covering the CARE Project published in the highly regarded and incredibly exciting Asian American magazine, Hyphen. PEEP!

CARE Project Graduates

CARE Project Graduates

The CARE project brings together Filipino caregivers who are immigrants to the US, Filipino American youth, students and professionals. The training for the first part of the CARE Project joined this intergenerational group to learn how to do research for our community around the conditions of caregivers in their workplace.

The CARE project is just beginning!

Justice in the Home: Domestic Workers Re-define the Labor Movement

Justice in the Home: Domestic Workers Re-define the Labor Movement

The coverage of the domestic worker struggle on this radio story is really accurate and sharp.

If you’d like to get a quick overview of the issues that domestic workers face and the struggle that is ahead of them, listen to this.

CARE Project Graduation Commercial

This video was made by Ryan Leano, a CARE project graduate, about the launch and commencement that we successfully accomplished last week!

Patriarchy will eat you

Given that the headlines on the past couple of days will probably be fodder the umpteenth season of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, the media monster has feasted on the paradoxical moral and emotional outrage that keeps viewers watching the cases of sexual harassment and assault surrounding major male leaders in institutions like politics and sport in the US. I’ve been mulling it … Read More Patriarchy will eat you

Cultures Not Costumes

Halloween has never been a real thing or event in my life. I started to think about how Halloween costumes are hella ridiculous last year when I was looking for something to wear to my NYC community center costume party. As I browsed lots of costume stores with great disgust at the sexualized and racialized representations in costumes, I couldn’t believe just limited a … Read More Cultures Not Costumes

Academically Adrift?

This morning as I was browsing through my daily news, a sociology study stuck out of the information overload. In times of #Occupy and Gaddafi’s recent death, a sociological account was the last thing I thought I’d write a post about. But finishing my second month teaching at USF, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my course is going, what my students are learning, and … Read More Academically Adrift?

Alabama, shame on you.

If corporations can illegally pollute bodies of water, then people who are called “illegal” should have the right to drink water. Alabama, shame on you. After Georgia fell in line with Arizona’s racist and xenophobic attack on immigrants in the US, I decided that these nativist acts had to figure its way into my dissertation writing and teaching. I wanted to make sense of … Read More Alabama, shame on you.


I love the contradictions of the Philippines. Jeeps and ignored traffic lanes Mobilization and repression Malls and poverty Drainage and floods — Just two days ago, my FiRE sisters and i went to Barangay Damayan Lagi, a shanty town next to the San Juan river in Quezon City. Most of the residents have lived in that urban poor community for 20 some odd years, inheriting … Read More Contradictions

Hip hop better than homework

Today, Asian Journal’s Dennis Clemente wrote a bit about why Fil-Ams aren’t doing well in school. And, it really, really sucks. I know my last post is about the study of culture in sociology,  the dangers of its circulation and, its internalization. And voila. Here it is, operationalized to talk about me, my fam, my community, my people. Big woop. There are a number of things wrong … Read More Hip hop better than homework

Migrante International

If you are or you know anyone that is a migrant and is in need of help, please go to Migrante International’s new online complaint form: