Mama Scholars and Scholar Support System

These first few stops on the National #LaborofCare book tour were really exciting! First time in Colorado, first time building with Filipino professors out here and first time for Cy too!

2 big lessons I’ve learned from this leg of the tour is that (1) mama scholars ain’t no joke, and (2) supportive scholar friends give me life!

Since Cy is still breastfeeding, carting him along to tour dates is just a part of my arrangements with institutions. I basically tell them that my son is coming and folks are often open to helping me with logistics. But that means I’m often single handedly trying to work with a baby in tow. During both my talks, it was mama scholars, Savi Malik and Faye Caronan, who sat with Cy and HELD. ME. DOWN.

When it was time for me to go deliver my book talk, there were no questions asked, they just took my boy like their own and helped him nap, took him on a walk, fed him pancakes. Just such amazing and giving people. I was so grateful to have their hands to hold Cy’s.

It was with the work of colleagues, some of whom I hadn’t yet met, that got me out to Colorado. As a tenure track professor, these invited talks are amazing accomplishments and these folks believed in my work enough to help me share my work and add his experience to my CV. They’re all teaching, researching, providing service to their institutions–AND made time to organize a billion logistics to bring me out. Hella grateful for Drs. Faye Caronan, Emmanuel David and Eileen Lagman for their support and confidence in me!

Outside of the rich and fascinating discussions I’ve been having with students and scholars here in Colorado. I just want to acknowledge how much I am enjoying having one on one time with my son, Cy. He’s the second kid so he was born sharing me and his Papa. I’ve been loving his curiosity and silliness. I am reminded that this is how he takes care of me. During these logistic-heavy days of traveling, his mischief and smirk gives me so much energy and joy.

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