Research Program

The focus of Dr. Francisco-Menchavez’s research is care work, broadly defined. Her projects examine the labor of sustaining family operations in transnational family formations with members who live in one or more nation states and, most recently, the health outcomes for Filipinos/as working as caregivers to the elderly. Her program also includes projects that investigate the conditions under which Filipino/a migrants across the diaspora engage in global migrant activism. In this thread of my work, I pursue scholarship that contributes a field of critical Filipino/a studies that spans disciplines and centers the voices of Filipino/a immigrants and Filipino/a Americans as agents of change while studying the history of colonialism and neo-colonialism in the Philippines.

Dr. Francisco-Menchavez contributes to the burgeoning discourse on the transnational lives of Filipinos/as in America. Publishing in a wide range of journals and volumes circulates her work across disciplines while situating my research on migrant workers and transnational families in different literatures. To this date, her publications are read in classrooms all over the nation in departments such as sociology, Asian American Studies at UC Davis, Women and Gender Studies at UC San Diego, and Migration Studies at University of San Francisco.

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