Queenila next week!

Next week, I get to go back to New York City to do an East coast book launch at my alma mater, The Graduate Center, hosted by the Center for the Study of Women in Society. And I’m so honored to have Premilla Nadasen, author of  Household Workers Unite and professor of History at Barnard College, and Lorena Sanchez-McRae, organizer with MIGRANTE NYC and inspiration for much of my writing, discuss the book.

Years ago, the migrant women in The Labor of Care were joking that they didn’t live in Queens–actually, they lived in a place called “Queenila”. Their feet on the sidewalk of Queens, New York but their hearts always in Manila with their families. I loved the concept of Queenila because it demonstrated so accurately the transnationality of the lives of migrant Filipinas.

But truthfully, it also reminded me of how much I lived in the in-between. Back then in grad school, I felt like my life was in between many places too.

I’m thrilled to go back to NYC and see family, friends and comrades there and I’ll have my whole family in tow so I hope to see you there!


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