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CARE Project at the Bulosan Center Conference

I’ve been working with some amazing student research collaborators this academic year! I never think of them as research “assistants” because that’s feudal and hella inaccurate. Rather, I think of students who I am working with as collaborators. They are trained in sociological research methods. They collect research with care and intention from Filipino/a caregivers. They commit to data analysis. They think through the … Read More CARE Project at the Bulosan Center Conference

Ethics of Care

I’ve been interested in the term “ethics of care” for quite some time. In an activist sense, I’ve been interested in how movements center radical care (versus individualized, capitalist notions of care) in their organizing work and across communities, especially in the dire times we live in. I have wondered if and when activists think of care, how do they shape their definitions of … Read More Ethics of Care


A Dialogue on Anti-Asian Racism

I’ve been organizing with a group of scholar-activists for the good part of the pandemic and we’re getting to roll out some exciting programming. We have a workshop funded by St. Mary’s and co-sponsored by Bulosan Center coming up in a few weeks. Join us by registering at (cap sensitive) and join us in a dialogue!

International Women’s Day 2021

This International Working Women’s Day I’m so happy to be joining a conversation about women and human rights at San Jose City College! Thanks to President Rowena Tomaneng for organizing this event and bringing this conversation to light!


Filipino Frontliners and the Cost of COVID-19

On a day where COVID-19 positive Donald Trump disregards medical caution to quarantine at a hospital for a motorcade to “show strength”, I can only think of how selfish and barbaric he is to do so. When thousands of Filipino nurses who have worked on COVID-19 frontlines since the beginning of this year have lost their lives by working so hard to fight this … Read More Filipino Frontliners and the Cost of COVID-19

Caregivers, Lend Us Your Story


A Right to Research

Research has always been a creative project for me. A site and process where I could blend my commitments to activism, collaboration and passions. Community members, activists and students in the Filipino American communities become collaborators in my projects’ directions and designs instead of objects of study. It has been such meaningful work teaching me more than the findings that end up published. More … Read More A Right to Research


Kapehan with Caregivers

On Saturday, join Filipino migrant workers and organizers for coffee or kapehan! PAWIS in San Jose hosts these biweekly events for caregivers to learn about the most up to date changes in laws and work conditions. But they also host a discussion on different topics. This week they’ve asked me to join them to talk through caregiving under COVID-19 and what implications it might … Read More Kapehan with Caregivers

Caregivers in the time of Corona

I created this infographic to make sense of the various articles that have been circulating about Filipino caregivers under the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the data I’ve included here is from a pilot study I conducted at SFSU from 2017-2019 on the impacts of caregiving on the physical and mental health outcomes of migrant workers. I recently shared this with PAWIS (Pilipino Association of … Read More Caregivers in the time of Corona


Transnational Families and Multinational Migrations

In 2018, I had the great privilege attending and participating in a National University of Singapore, Asian Research Institute workshop on Multinational Migrations hosted by brilliant Anju Paul and Brenda Yeoh. Both of whom are scholars who I have read, cited and looked up to for a long time. At the workshop, I presented a paper looking back at the research I collected when … Read More Transnational Families and Multinational Migrations


Filipino Caregivers and the Fight against COVID-19

In a report I co-wrote with Bulosan Center Executive Director, Robyn Rodriguez, and Policy Director, Katherine Nasol, we wrote that the conditions of Filipino caregivers is doubly precarious. The dual crisis of the unregulated caregiving industry and the lack of proper resources towards the fight against COVID-19 put Filipino migrants under great stress and risk. But the ethic of care that Filipinos in the … Read More Filipino Caregivers and the Fight against COVID-19

Let the music play me off the stage

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about some awards I received from the Association for Asian American Studies. I couldn’t thank everyone I wanted to but here’s a list of folks who stood behind my nomination. And I want to thank you all here: Michael J. Viola, Associate Professor of Justice, Community, & Leadership, Saint Mary’s College of California  Faith R. Kares, … Read More Let the music play me off the stage