Labor of Care for FREE for FAHM

For Filipino American History Month, an eBook copy of The Labor of Care is free through the University of Illinois Press’ celebration of Fil-Am history! This feels a little self-promote-y but it’s kind of a dream come true for me. I wrote this book for Filipina migrant workers and the movements that are invested building migrant worker power, in the US and all over the world. I wrote it for 1st, 1.5, 2nd, 3rd generation Filipina/x/o Americans so we could understand the generations of immigrants in our families before us. I wrote it for my children, Aya and Cy, and generations after them, so one day they might understand the hardship and resilience of motherhood. 

To you reader, I wrote it for you. It didn’t feel like it back then. It felt like I was writing it for me, because it was such a solitary experience but I had hoped that I would meet you one day. That we could talk about the stories in the book, my ideas about the lives of migrant workers and their families. I hoped that I would one day work and collaborate with you, think and research with you, teach and learn from you, organize and mobilize with you, to build on and extend the potential of the ideas in The Labor of Care

And now, it’s here for you, for free. A democratization of my academic work, even for a fleeting moment. I hope you can get this eBook copy for free, click on the link below!

Free eBook copy of The Labor of Care! for FAHM in 2021!

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