Lifting Up Filipino Caregivers Stories

Elaika Celemen and Kristal Osorio have been my research collaborators for the past two years. Both of them were my students, organizers in organizations that I deeply respect, and they are both Pinay immigrants who have roots in the Bay Area. Conducting research on Filipino caregivers with them really sharpened my ideas about how to do this work and then how to make sense of it. In the process of wading through interviews and surveys, we found that so much of our Filipino community members who work as caregivers have normalized conditions of exploitation.

We wanted to tell that story and make it available for people, scholars, community organizations to build on. Here’s our article:

Filipino Formal Caregivers to the Elderly and Normalized Exploitation in the Workplace

Another exciting part of this publication is that we are part of the inaugural issue of Alon: Journal of Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies! Alongside amazing scholars and scholar-activists, we welcome this new academic home for scholarship like ours.

Download and cite, good friends!

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