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Lifting Up Filipino Caregivers Stories

Elaika Celemen and Kristal Osorio have been my research collaborators for the past two years. Both of them were my students, organizers in organizations that I deeply respect, and they are both Pinay immigrants who have roots in the Bay Area. Conducting research on Filipino caregivers with them really sharpened my ideas about how to do this work and then how to make sense … Read More Lifting Up Filipino Caregivers Stories

Racism in the Time of Corona

Lent some of my analysis on race and anti-Asian racism that Filipino health care workers face as they serve on the frontlines. This story skims the surface. The past administration has contributed to a more general anti-Asian xenophobia and racism but the reverberations can be felt in so many spaces. As we observe in the uptick of hate crimes against Asian Americans in neighborhoods … Read More Racism in the Time of Corona


A Short List to Read and Learn about Filipino/a Migrant Workers in the US

This list is not exhaustive, rather its responsive. This short list collates some resources, both academic and journalistic, that can help you learn more about the conditions of Filipino/a American migrant workers in the United States (US). In my current research project, I am looking closely at the lives of Filipino/a migrant workers in the American care industry, specifically at the narratives and experiences … Read More A Short List to Read and Learn about Filipino/a Migrant Workers in the US


Filipino Home Care Workers, Unseen Frontliners

There are frontlines that are behind the scenes. And there are workers on those unseen frontlines, who day in and day out, are also fighting the battle against COVID-19. Home care workers are some of those who are doing this work in private homes, in non-hospital settings, in residential care facilities. They, too, are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE). They, too, are … Read More Filipino Home Care Workers, Unseen Frontliners


Care in the Time of Corona

Two full weeks has passed since the “shelter in place” mandate was passed in the San Francisco/Bay Area. And we are all learning. My partner and I are working from home and have full-time work expectations that we must carry out while we juggle the care and learning of our 5 and 3 year old children. Some days are/were smooth and some days were … Read More Care in the Time of Corona


The Power of the Collective

During these days of social isolation, I’ve been at awe at the power of collective support and solidarity. The photo here is of my chosen family, people whom I love and share a flat with in the Bay Area. Usually, we’re all busy bodies, ships in the night. But since “shelter in place”, we have had time to slow down and plan the domestic … Read More The Power of the Collective