I created this infographic to make sense of the various articles that have been circulating about Filipino caregivers under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the data I’ve included here is from a pilot study I conducted at SFSU from 2017-2019 on the impacts of caregiving on the physical and mental health outcomes of migrant workers.

I recently shared this with PAWIS (Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants) in the Silicon Valley as a part of my ongoing research collaboration with Filipino workers organizations in the Bay Area and many of them resonate with the initial findings.

Alongside community partners and students, I will be continuing to collect research on the lives and work conditions of Filipino caregivers, especially under COVID-19, in the Fall. If you’re interested in helping out or filling out the survey, please email me at vfm@sfsu.edu.


Ethel Tungohan’s article : https://www.broadbentinstitute.ca/filipino_healthcare_workers_during_covid19_and_the_importance_of_race_based_analysis

Nina Martin and Eunice Yung’s piece on ProPublica:


Mallory Moench in the SF Chronicle:


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