The Labor of Care on the New Books Network Podcast

I’ve been on a podcast tip on car rides home with my partner, Raul, and when there’s a lgood point to be made, I’m always like, “PAUSE THAT. Because if that was me…” So, finally, here I am on a podcast talking about all things #LaborofCare. Its origins story, more extra cuts and stories that I didn’t fold into the book, and some ideas around decolonizing methodology when working with migrant communities.

Christopher Patterson, author of two newly released books, Transitive Cultures published by Rutgers University Press and Stamped: An Anti-Travel Novel under his pen name Kawika Guillermo. I’ve known Chris for a long time as we were coming up through grad school and as junior faculty. I was so excited to hear that he might want to feature my book on his series “New Books in Asian American Studies”. I was a little nervous but he was a generous interviewer giving me a lot of room to digress and talk anecdotally about my research and findings. It was so much fun!

But of course, I didn’t get to say it all. If I were listening to my own podcast (but ew i don’t like the sound of my own recorded voice) I’d probably have some moments where I’d be like, “PAUSE THAT.” So if you have any questions for me about the podcast and interview, please leave it in the comments below.

Lastly, a giant in the field of Asian American Studies, Filipino American Studies specifically, Dawn Bohulano Mabalon has transitioned to be one of our ancestors. I was lucky enough to have Dawn in my life since I was a 16-year old Pinay just trying to find her way. More formally through the years, she became my professor, mentor, and most importantly, my friend. I read her book Little Manila is in the Heart when I got into a rut in my own book writing. She was the one that told me, “Val, I wrote that book 5 times over. You gon’ do the same.” My book wouldn’t have been written if it wasn’t for her sage advice. This one’s for you, Dawn.


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