Week of Action for the Philippines at University of Portland

When I arrived at University of Portland, it was one of my hopes to bring the Filipino/a and Filipino/a American experience to the forefront of campus life. I didn’t know exactly how I would do this but I knew it was my responsibility.

After the mega-typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, the University of Portland responded by organizing a week of action for the Philippines to raise awareness about rehabilitation in the Philippines but also about the Filipino American experience. I’m so honored to have helped organize some of these events and even more proud that this is the university’s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Philippines.

Some events to highlight are:

Tuesday’s panel with Kenneth Crebillo from Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines talking about his family’s experience with the Typhoon as they are from Dulag, Leyet, one of the most affected areas, and his recent trip back on relief mission. Additionally, faculty members of UP will be discussing climate change and disaster relief more generally.

Friday night’s concert with Power Struggle as the main act for the night!

Philippines Week

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