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Kuwentuhan as a Method

I often think of collecting qualitative research as opportunities to build relationships with participants in my research projects. There are definitely times when participants don’t want to build with me, and I’m cool with that. But more times than not, with the particular research I am able to do with the workers and worker organizations that I do work with, building relationships is par … Read More Kuwentuhan as a Method


Ethnography For All

I’ve always thought about the potential of research methods to serve communities, beyond academic purposes. I’ve always tried my best to co-conspire, act and attempt at delinking “research” processes to a purely intellectual endeavor. From another vantage point, I love bringing the methods that I’ve seen naturally recurring in community organizing into research processes: ideas of talk-story or kuwentuhan, community and trust building, democratizing … Read More Ethnography For All


Final Project Round-Up 2019

A month out from the Spring semester and academic year, I’ve been reflecting on the amazing final projects my students created as a part of our learning communities. For most of my upper division classes, I offer a final project menu. I developed this menu after years of offering group, creative project (often in video form). Students asked for more options: option to do something … Read More Final Project Round-Up 2019

Diwang Pinay for academics

In 2009, I had the privilege of being part of a dynamic group of people that did research, wrote and acted in a play and built very strong basis for community-building and migrant worker organizing in New York City. That year, Diwang Pinay as a theatrical production was the first and most impactful way we shared our process. Years later, as the play continues … Read More Diwang Pinay for academics

CARE Project Launch

SAVE THE DATE!!! Caregiver Research (CARE) Project Launch  Wednesday APRIL 4, 2012 6pm-8pm 35 San Juan Ave. SF CA 94112 (Old FCC Space) Join the Filipino Community Center (FCC) to launch The CARE Project! Filipino caregivers, youth, students and community members have completed an intensive research training to conduct research on the conditions of Filipino caregivers in the San Francisco/ Bay Area.  Join us … Read More CARE Project Launch

Diwang Pinay

Sunday, March 6, 2011 – 2pm matinee and 7pm and March 13, 2011 – 2pm matinee and 7pm DIWANG PINAY: Kasaysayan sa Likod ng Babaeng Manggagawa The Story Behind the Woman Worker Hunter College-Lang Recital Hall http://WWW.FIRENYC.ORG Hunter College-Lang Recital Hall 695 Park Ave. New York, NY.10065 Buy your tickets now!!! Since February 2010, a group of Filipino women across generations, both age … Read More Diwang Pinay