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FAHM 2020

I was asked recently, “what are you doing to celebrate Filipino American History Month (FAHM) this year?” I replied with what I’d be doing in my personal and family life and forgot about the many ways that community have cultivated spaces for me to be able to celebrate in community. So I want to take the time to applaud the amazing Filipina/o American folks … Read More FAHM 2020


4 Reasons Why FAHM Is Important for Kidss

October is Filipino American History Month (FAHM)! The month marks the first time Filipinos landed on the Chumash settlement or now known as Morro Bay, California in October 1587. Filipino American History Month dating back to the 14th century reminds us all that American history did not begin when Europeans settled to this country. This country’s history is embedded in the first nations that … Read More 4 Reasons Why FAHM Is Important for Kidss