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Nawal El-Saadawi

In about half an hour, I’ll be going to hear a long-time Egyptian feminist, activist, sociologist, medical doctor, Nawal El-Saadawi, speak at the Graduate Center. She was present at the recent uprising in Tahrir Square and will share her reflections on women, Egypt and the revolution. I wanted to make available the readings that were distributed to prepare for her talk today which can … Read More Nawal El-Saadawi

English Only Never Works

Nurses in central California have sued and won a case against English-Only discrimination in their workplace. In the Center for Place, Culture and Politics seminar a few weeks ago, Bill Fletcher, came in and spoke about how racism in the US is inherently tied into American foreign policy and thus American immigration policy. And I, like most of the seminar’s participants, agreed with him. … Read More English Only Never Works

Harvey “Crises, Geographical Disruptions and Uneven Development of Political Responses”

Seminar 1 – September 1, 2010 For next week’s seminar, we all read David Harvey’s “Crises, Geographical Disruptions and the Uneven Development of Political Responses,” which I’m sure will be available on I found that this reading, after a summer of turning my brain into a bowl of oatmeal at the beach, at the movies, etc., was a definitely a good way to … Read More Harvey “Crises, Geographical Disruptions and Uneven Development of Political Responses”

Prison Industrial Complex (Immigrants included)

Yesterday, Ruthie Gilmore said, “If we want to understand the prison industrial complex, we have to talk about capitalism.” Today, I echo her and add that if we want to understand how capitalism will expand the prison industrial complex we have to look at how the neoliberal state is looking for more black and brown bodies to sequester as surplus populations. Immigrants are the … Read More Prison Industrial Complex (Immigrants included)