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Solidarity In Place, today and tomorrow

I’ve been thinking and writing about space and thinking about how separation, and seeming isolation, can lend itself to solidarity and transnational resistance. When I wrote and delivered the paper you’ll see above at Arizona State University in February, I was really theorizing about how migrant Filipinas working as domestic workers are often rendered isolated by the mere nature of their care work. Nannies … Read More Solidarity In Place, today and tomorrow

Copycats This is an interactive map that shows how many states in the US is copying the Arizona bill. Yesterday, my co-CPCP fellow, Jen Ridgley, told me that anti-immigrant sentiment doesn’t necessarily correlate with an increase in immigration. That we should denaturalize the correlation because rises in nativism, racism and anti-immigrant sentiments are bound up in other things like economic policy, political conservatism and, … Read More Copycats


Georgia is taking lead from Arizona. This makes me sad, but it also makes me wonder about how much realer does anti-immigrant sentiment have to get before we call it racism–and well, just wrong.