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Why I’m Rising

I am rising because of the thousands of Filipina domestic workers all over the world They who face uncertainty daily Walking into the darkness of foreign lands, foreign languages  Pushed out of their countries, away from their families I am rising because I carry the legacy of Filipinas who have stood up and fought against impossibly degrading situations Gabriela Silang, Maria Lorena Barros, Liza … Read More Why I’m Rising

To Be A Woman in the Philippines

This picture is from a mobilization for International Women’s Day in the Philippines. The yellow sign says, “Fight (President) Aquino’s Oil Cartel Conspiracy!” and another sign says, “Decrease the Prices of Oil!”  The women are hurling paint balls at the US embassy in this picture as a militant protest to the collusion of the US government, its corporations with the Philippine government. This action … Read More To Be A Woman in the Philippines

maligayang pagdating

so really this is the first time, i’ve actually sat down and thought about my trip to the philippines with some type of reflection and reflexivity. and the funny thing is, i’m already here. in the real time hustle and bustle of my life in the Big Apple, i was super uber still trying to do work, tie up loose ends, save files, get … Read More maligayang pagdating