In partnership and collaboration with the remarkable Filipino caregivers of MIGRANTE Northern California, wonderful organizers and volunteers at the Filipino Community Center in San Francisco, CA, NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns), GABRIELA USA, and Dr. Robyn Rodriguez from UC Davis, I am working on a FRESH, AMAZING and NEW participatory action research project called, Caregiver Research (CARE) Project.

This is a brief description of the project’s goals:

The ‘CARE’ in CARE Project stands for Caregiver Research. The project’s primary goal is to collect the stories of caregivers in our community to understand what they are going through. The CARE Project will train caregivers, and other community members, how to do research about their work conditions and their lives. After 6 training sessions, you will be a certified CARE Project researcher. You will also be given leadership development training so that you can have the tools to address the issues that emerge from the research.

Since we started doing our CARE Project Trainings, the group of Filipino caregivers, community members, students and professionals have collectively:

  • Unpacked and unlearned the mainstream definitions of knowledge and research
  • Conceptualized the main issues of caregivers in the Bay Area
  • Written a kuwentohan guide in English and Tagalog
  • Conducted interviews with one another
  • Collected over 50 interviews in over 4 talk-story, kuwentohan sessions
  • Helped to start a CARE Project in San Jose/South Bay
We are currently in the data analysis stage of the CARE Project! We are looking for Tagalog speakers/readers/writers to do some transcription, please contact if you are interested.

Here are some of our adventures in images so far:

If you’d like more information download our awesome brochure with the dates of the CARE trainings, CARE Project Brochure English!

If you want to volunteer and come to the trainings, contact Mario de Mira at 415-333-6267.

Media about the CARE Project:

Our first CARE cohort graduated on March 21, 2012 at the FCC and its was super awesome. New American Media covered us!

Hyphen Magazine did a full story on the CARE Project, HERE!

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